8 Mukhi Rudraksha Nepali

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100% original certified 8 Mukhi Rudraksha bead. Lord Ganesha is the ruler of the 8 Mukhi Rudraksha, there is no obstacle in any effort or task to overcome obstacles. In it, there are great powers of Lord Shiva because Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva. The wearer becomes more energetic, works hard and achieves fruitful results. Fear of failure in any kind of venture in life is free. It improves the ability to cope with challenges in life. The source of wisdom or knowledge is associated with Lord Ganesha and 8 Mukhi Rudraksha. Its auspicious expression because this Ketu reduces the power of the planet. There are eight mountains in 8 Mukhi Rudraksha and it is the highest in seven powers.


8 Mukhi Rudraksha




  • Wearing is always successful in life. Its wearable becomes unaffected by the sorrows, physical, divine or mental aspects of life.
  • It frees the wearer from the sin caused by lying.
  • It gives all kinds of spiritual accomplishments to the wearer, Riddhi and Siddhi and takes him to Shiva. His opponents are finished – his opponents’ minds or intentions change and all obstacles in his path are dispelled.
  • By this bead, Rahu’s male effect is cured and it is helpful in mysterious types of diseases and prevents the evil spirits according to the Navagraha texts.
  • Snake bites are also avoided because it is the result of Rahu’s male effect. 8 face Rudraksha enhances the intellectuals’ appetite and can be useful for astrologers or those who learn occult science.
  • People passing through Saturn’s head or minor suffering should wear 8 face rudraksha with 7 face Rudraksha.
  • 8 Mukhi Rudraksha is helpful in fixing diseases of the nightmares, skin diseases, lungs, legs, skin, and hydrosol.
  • This protects the wearer from stress and anxiety due to frequent failure.
  • The 8Mukhi Rudraksha is also good for those whose horoscope is “snake blame” (the planet in the 5th house is Rahu).

How To Wear: You can wear this Rudraksha with gold or silver and wear it in the neck. Alternatively, you can keep it a worship altar. To hold this Rudraksha, the mantra is ‘Oh Namah Shiva’. When wearing the first time, wear it on a Monday. Clean the Rudraksha with mustard oil. Place the bead of Rudraksha in the left hand. Count your mantra chant with your right hand.


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