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Shiv Kripa Rudraksha kendra is based in the Religious Place at DAKSH PRAJAPATI MANDIR , Kankhal, Haridwar (Uttrakhand) – 249408

The Government Authorized Firm Shiv Kripa Rudraksha Kendra – which is in its third generation of this Coveted Honorable Business.This family started this business in 1992 and earned lots of respect Name, fame and prosperity amongst most of rudrakasha dealer all in our country. 

The speciality of Our showroom / through online from our website. We assure our customers with very fare advice and reasonable price for our items and service. We provide the customers with proper advice and suggestion and tell them different types of mala’s and there uses, about different types of yantra’s and other religions products which are useful in POOJA purposes.

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Purpose :
To introduce neighbourhood commerce by providing enhanced services, relationships, work employment,and profitability.

Core Values :
we believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, Invention and Innovation. We integrate as well as appreciate honesty, Integrity, & business ethics into all aspect of our business functioning.


Mission :
Is to build long term relationship with our customers as well as clients and provide exceptional customers services by purchasing business through innovation & advanced technology.

Vision :
To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers and allied vendors.

Why Purchase from Shiv Kripa Rudraksha Kendra ?

Shiv Kripa Rudraksha Kendra provide 100% original & lab certified Rudraksha, Gemstones, Ratna, Yantra, Vastu and other spiritual and healing articles. We are govt. authorized Rudraksha Dealer in India. We shipped product in all over world included USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Mauritius.

All product ie. Rudraksha, Gemstones, Rudraksha Malas, Differents type of Yantra’s & other religious products are fully inspected by our quality testing experts and also be tested by laboratory which authorized by Govt. of India.

We provide Energized Rudraksha’s to our customer which is helpful to remove sin suffering and pains.

Shiv Kripa Rudraksha Kendra is customer centric organization if someone faces any dissatisfaction, can returned to us with in 7 Days.

We provide our customer with fastest delivery of product in 4-5 days.


you can buy authentic rudraksha at haridwarrudraksha.com. our rudraksha are certified from well known government authorized lab IGL ,who provides you genuine testing
report of rudraksha from 1 to 21 mukhi and also differentiates it’s origin of rudraksha. Our mission is to provide genuine and energized rudraksha in reasonable price in order to achieve best results with the healing powers of rudraksha.

  • haridwarrudraksha.com offers best reasonable price to its customers. There are 1 to 21 mukhi/faces rudraksha, cost of each rudraksha beads are based upon their origin, sizes and quality, likewise it means the origin of rudraksha i.e Indonesia or Nepali, sizes means Big or small size, and quality means shape of rudraksha (dimensions)and weight of rudraksha etc.
  • Rudraksha cost completely depends upon the availability, normally cost of 2 mukhi rudraksha (Indian-origin),3 mukhi rudraksha (Indian- origin), 5 mukhi, 6 mukhi, rudraksha are found in abundance in nature, hence they are sold for a cheap rate in market I.e from 25 rupees to 250 rupees.
  • Then there are rudraksha beads from 7 mukhi rudraksha to 14 mukhi rudraksha, gauri-shanker rudraksha and ganesh rudraksha which are found in average quantity, hence these are ranging from 500 rupees to 50,000 rupees.
  • The last are very much rarely found rudraksha in nature I.e from 15 mukhi rudraksha to 21 mukhi rudraksha and sometimes onward, hence these are ranging from 25000 rupee to 50 lac rupees and above.,Rudraksha like 1 mukhi swaar rudraksha, 1 mukhi rudraksha (origin- Nepal) and Trijuti (three rudraksha joined naturally) are unusually found in the nature.

As we haridwarrudraksha.com (shiv kripa rudraksha kendra) provides 100% original certified rudraksha to our customers. All rudraksha are tested by govt of India approved lab (IGL)it provide genuine lab testing report for rudraksha, Test like the one which sink’s in water is original and the one that floats is duplicate are not right. Even the ones made of wood with some lead/ fibers/ chemical’s or heavy ingredients impregnated in it can sink comfortably in water. The best way is to procure from reliable source.

Rudraksha bead botanically known as “ELAEOCARPARUS GANITRUS”are the seeds of rudraksha fruit from rudraksha trees, around 70% of the rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% from Nepal and 5% in India. There are clefts on the surface of the beads and they are called Mukhis. By wearing these beads one gets tranquility, peace of mind, focus and concentration. This kind of state of mind is equally ideal for meditation as well as for any other mind related activity by modern day professionals. Concentration and focus are the most important requirements for success in any field. Apart from 5 faceted rudraksha beads there are available from 1 to 21 facet/mukhi beads.from 15 mukhi/facet to 21 mukhi/ faces ,it is available though but is extremely rare. On seeing such powers of rudraksha beads many considered it to have some supernatural powers, divine and Godsend. There have been countless mentions of these beads and it’s power in various Hindu and Buddhist scriptures.

The holy book “Shiv purana” states that women must wear rudraksha. The lord shiva bestowed this as” Gems of power rudraksha bead ” is for the entire mankind regardless of sex, caste, creed, and religion etc.This auspicious and holy bead is beyond all these man made divisions. The ladies/girls barring those 4-5 days when nature is at work can remove the rudraksha from their body and after completing of that period again wear it.

There are 1 to 21 mukhi rudraksha as found in nature.
1 mukhi rudraksha- Diety ” Shiva” and planet-“Sun”
Nakshatra- Krittika ,uttaraphalguni and uttarashadha ,
Suitable for- eye defect, headache, heart disease, lack of confidence and strengths mental concentration.
2 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Ardhanareshwara ” planet-“Moon”
Nakshatra- Rohini, Hasta and shabana
Suitable for- Left eye defects, lungs, brain, kidneys and intestines.
3 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Agni Devta” planet-“Moon”
Nakshatra – Mrigashira, chirag and Dhanistha
Suitable for-skin disease, stomach problem, abortion, disturbed menstrual cycle, small pox, laziness, depression and gaining confidence.
4 mukhi rudraksha- Diety ” Brahma” planet-” Mercury “
Nakshatra- Ashlesha,jyestha and Revati .
Suitable for- students, those seeking knowledge, mental disease and memory loss.
5 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “kalagni” planet-“Jupiter”
Nakshatra- Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purvabhadrapada.
Suitable for-Mental peace, blood pressure or cardiac ailments,diabetes, disease of ear, thighs and kidneys.
6 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “kartikeya” planet-“Venus”
Nakshatra- Bharani, Purvaphalguni and Purvashadha.
Suitable for- Eyes , reproductive organs,prostate,mouth and throat, urinary tract, and maintaining celibacy(brahmacharya)
7 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Laxmi” planet-” Saturn”
Nakshatra – Pushya,Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada
Suitable for- Arthritis, Leukaemia,impotence speech problem, muscular pain, wealth and general happiness.
8 mukhi rudraksha- Diety ” Ganesha” planet-” Rahu”
Nakshatra- Ardra, swati and Shatabhisha
Suitable for- Removing obstacles, writing skills, improving intelligence and general health.
9 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Durga ” planet-“Ketu”
Nakshatra- Megha,Ashwini and Mula
Suitable for- people in fear and under stress, bravery and increase self confidence.
10 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Vishnu ” planet-“None”
Suitable for- Insomania, respiratory disease, those lost in life, black magic and to increase concentration.
11 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Hanuman ” planet-“Mars”
Suitable for-stomach disorder, liver and heart ailments, protects one from accident.
12 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Surya” planet-“Sun”
Suitable for -provides inner strength and radiance, disease of the eyes, diabetes and intestines problems.
13 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Kamadeva”and “Indra” planet-“Venus”
Suitable for-peforming artists, politician’s, top executives and those seeking wealth and all comforts of life.
14 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Shiva” planet-“saturn”
Suitable for-Providing the wearer with seeing the future, counteracts the bad effects of saturn, leads one to religious path.
15 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Pashupati” planet -“Jupiter”
Suitable for- Economical progress, heart and skin disease.
16 mukhi rudraksha- Diety “Rama” planet-“Moon”
Suitable for- mental illness, Epilepsy and win over fear of death.
17 mukhi rudraksha- Diety-“Vishwakarma” planet-“saturn “
Suitable for-Wealth in short span, marital life improvement.
18 mukhi rudraksha- Diety-“Bhumi” planet-“Mars”
Suitable for-Those having abortions,land dealing, real estate’s business and looking for children’s
19 mukhi rudraksha- Diety-“Narayana” planet-“Sun”
Suitable for-luxurious life,prosperity and all material aspects in life.
20 mukhi rudraksha- Diety – “Brahma” planet-“Moon”
Suitable for-spritual progress, divine power, knowledge and visualization.
21 mukhi rudraksha- Diety-“Kubera” planet-“Saturn”
Suitable for- Wealth, luxuries and protection from evil eyes. 

  • As per haridwarrudraksha.com, we will provide you energized rudraksha in rudra abhishek pooja performed regularly in our world famous temple “shri daksheshawar mahadev temple, Haridwar, before arti in temple in morning and evening both times before aarti rudra abhishek pooja is performed by our experts brahmin pandits, so we gave those rudrakshas in that pooja for doing them energized and blessed by divine power of Lord shiva.
  • There are various ways of energizing the rudraksha by using particular Beej mantra of that rudraksha/mukhi/facet or can energize with the help of any guru’s or priest knowing best knowledge of pooja rituals ,vedas and shastras. 
  • Procedure requirements- clean plate/dish,ganga water/jal,cow ghee, essence stick,flowers. Put rudraksha over a plate, drop ganga water 3 times over it,then milk,then sugar,then honey,then cow ghee,and after all again wash rudraksha with ganga water,kept rudraksha near lord shivalingam or near photo available in your home worship place, show dhoop/essence stick ,spread some flowers over rudraksha and after that do chant particular Beej mantra 108 times and pray God for what you want to achieve in your life success and wear that rudraksha in monday, triodashi tithing,or shivraatri day.

It is advised to lead a disciplined life while wearing rudraksha and refrain from eating non-veg food and taking alcohol. If unavoidable, take off the beads during such times and pray god to give enough strength to overcome these habits, and wear it on next morning after having bath.

  • There are many criteria to recognize rudraksha such as the sinking and floating of rudraksha in the water and revolving between two coins, but it is not a correct criterion, even an unripe but genuine rudraksha may float in the water, and non- genuine ones made out of wood impregnated with lead or by tempering a real rudraksha may sink’s ,therefore we should not bother about these suspicious and false notions.
  • The rudraksha which have serpents, trishul, om(sign),lingam,damru etc carved on them, it is not real rudraksha, the rudraksha should be bought from a genuine supplier who is accountable to the people. 
  • Sometimes fake rudraksha are made by some chemical or rudraksha of higher mukhi like gauri Shankar rudraksha etc are joined by gluten or other chemicals, so if you dipped rudraksha in to hot boil water for 30 minutes, the fake rudraksha or bhadraksha is dissolved or braked, otherwise as.
  • We haridwarrudraksha.com here are certified dealer of rudraksha and gemstones provide you with all rudraksha which are handpicked and firstly checked by our expert’s after that sending to govt of india approved laboratories for quality testing passed, so we provide you with lab tested best quality rudraksha bead for attaining the healing power of rudraksha.
  • The best way to keep the rudraksha in your home puja place before going to sleep and wear the same next morning only after taking a shower, it is recommended to avoid wearing the rudraksha bead at bed rest time. Family members should not keep interchanging neck malas, japa malas or rudraksha beads.
  • For storage of rudraksha beads for long periods always put in a respected clean area of your home. Once you start wearing rudraksha wear it continuously throughout your life. Wearing rudraksha for few days and removing it for a few days and wearing it again not give maximum benefits.
  • The rudraksha beads may be cleaned periodically after 2 months, for this you have to dipped rudraksha into warm water apply gentle soap over the rudraksha bead and gently brush the rudraksha by using new soft toothbrush and let it dry before sunlight or you can dipped rudraksha into lemon juice for a night and take it out, wash with warm water let it dry before sunlight, then apply, almond oil or olive oil with soft brush on rudraksha.

Varying number of rudraksha to be placed on different parts of the body as per various classical texts may summarize as follows.

Body Organs/ PartNo.of BeadsBeads Sources
Sikha(crown)1Srimaddevi Bhagvata
Neck 3232
Neck2 row
Other parts3 row

Body I.e, earing, kangan Waist(mekhala), abdomen.