Siddha Mala

Mohini Power A mala having all 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi rudraksha beads, a Gaurishankar, and a Ganesh Rudraksha is known as Siddha Mala.It combines divine energy of all common rudrakshas and is regarded as one stop solution for all material and mental problems.It has been said by Lord Shiva Himself in Shiva Puran that" any person who wears all mukhi rudrakshas Siddha Mala becomes like me and therefore with all the efforts one should try and procure this. 

Siddha Mala designs can vary, it can have more no. of beads of particular mukhi and made in silver, gold or wool ,it is always considered to be very useful for any person or entire family. The mala can be worn or kept at the altar. In case it is kept at the altar then it will be useful if at least once in a day after taking bath it should be worn for few minutes and meditation or worshipping done to get full benefits. It can then be taken off and kept back at the altar.