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Rudraksha is for the Soul Rather than the Body. Myth and Truth

Significance of Rudraksha

Lord Shiva is depicted with embellishments from nature, making a unique form of him. According to the shastras, the appearance of lord shiva can be defined as a snake wrapped around his neck, and he has covered his body with tiger’s skin. In addition, you discover a crescent moon beautifully placed on his head and sacred Ganga water flowing through his long hair. Else, he opted for holy ash to apply to his entire body. Additionally, his imaginary idol presents his image as wearing a rosary of beads which can be called seeds derived from a Rudraksha tree, fueling the curiosity amongst devotees.

What Exactly is a Rudraksha Tree?

The botanical name of the large evergreen Rudraksha tree is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus which typically grows in a subtropical climate. The Rudraksha tree is often found in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Gangetic plains and surrounding regions of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. This tree is also popularly known as blueberry seeds because when its seeds get fully riped, its outer husk becomes blue. This color represents the infinite power of beads, and Lord Shiva is also depicted in blue. This sacred seed contains great significance among believers as it is directly associated with Lord Shiva.

Spiritual seekers have faith in these beads derived from the Rudraksha tree that blessed its wearer with immense power, strength, and fortune and removed all the hurdles from life to achieve life’s ultimate goal. Also, people have a huge belief that it has grown through the tears of Lord Shiva, which adds more power and energy to the Rudraksha beads.

The sacred beads that have been taken from Rudraksha trees refer to shiva’s teardrops, and people from overseas, for instance, the Indian subcontinent and other adjoining countries, opt for it to strengthen their spiritual journey bringing fortune their way. There is a huge belief amongst believers that wearing it means getting blessed directly by Lord Shiva because such pious beads symbolize his presence. The divine and mesmerizing appearance of Rudraksha Beads embedded with immense power and blessings to offer you a smooth and stress-free relaxing life is clear evidence of the presence of Lord Shiva around you.

Today, we will stretch our knowledge about Rudraksha and will address the common myths spread widely and fooling people around the globe. It is recommended to keep your mind open to get the feeling of true sense that none of these are true and make no sense at all. So, let’s start with the following:

1st Myth: Rudraksha is Meant for Only Monks and Sanyasi

There is a myth that if someone is wearing Rudraksha, then he is probably a monk or sanyasi. In reality, there is no particular association of any community and group of people with Rudraksha as it is available to offer its benefits to every breed, gender, caste, and religion. Also, it is not compulsory that only old age people should wear it and follow the spiritual path. The wearer of this sacred bead gains blessings directly from Lord Shiva and can lead his entire life with calmness and a new level of energy. Also, Rudraksha helps young age people to get more connected with their family and friends exceeding their involvement in charity.

2nd Myth: Ladies Should Not Wear Rudraksha

It is sad to know that even the revolutionary period could not change the thumb rule that says women can’t touch or wear Rudraksha beads. The truth is the heavenly beads of Rudraksha are meant for all, without any boundaries of gender, religion, or any other line that prohibits anyone from wearing them.

3rd Myth: Only Original Rudraksha Sinks in Water While Duplicate Don’t

This notion has been ruining the authenticity of the Original Rudraksha because no test is foolproof, and those who believe in this taboo failed to identify the 100% original Rudraksha considering this false way of testing it. The trusted way to ensure if your Rudrkasha purchase is worthwhile or not is just making a purchase through a trusted platform and reliable Rudraksha seller.

Things to Consider While Using Rudraksha

It will serve you extra benefit if you take off Rudraksha Mala before going for sexual or physical contact with your partner. It is because Rudraksha draws different dimensions for the wearer, and having togetherness will be difficult for seekers. Another caution about wearing It is you should remove the pious beads while visiting any cremation or burning ghat or ground for the continuous blessing of adopting it. These places tend to contain adverse energy that may impact the energy level of Rudraksha seed. And, for personal hygiene and sustaining its purity, you should protect it by taking it off while going to the toilet or similar places.

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