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Things You Should Know Before Buying An Authentic Rudraksha Online

Buy Rudraksha Online

Holding a sacred place in the hearts of Hindus for many years, Rudraksha beads are known to repel negative impacts. People wearing Rudraksha beads claim that these magical beads can help you achieve peace of mind and harmony. “Rudraksha” is derived from two words – “Rudra,” which is one of the names given to Lord Shiva, and “Aksa,” which means tears. So, the literal meaning of a Rudraksha can be “the teardrops of Lord Shiva.” So, it is believed that if you’re wearing an original Rudraksha mala, you must chant the “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra.

As a Rudraksha can be very beneficial for you, the seeds are sold as beads in India and Nepal so that people can wear them as jewelry items. You can choose from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi beads (“mukh” means face) and purchase mid to high-end Rudraksha bead products.

With the trend of online shopping on the rise, you can even buy authentic Rudraksha online. By doing some research, you can easily come across many sellers, but be careful, as none of them sell genuine items. Therefore, if you’re about to buy a Rudraksha mala online, you must be careful about a few things.

1. Only Buy the Government Certified Rudraksha

First of all, you have to make sure that you’re buying Rudraksha from a website that only sells products containing Rudrakshas Certified by a Government Approved Lab. With a plethora of fake sellers online and offline, you just cannot rely on the word given by the seller. Only a reliable seller will sell you a product with certification that proves the authenticity of a Rudraksha. It’s not like you’ll have to believe any certification given by any lab; instead, buy the ones that are tested by government-certified labs as well.

2. Make Sure That the Seller is a Specialist

Of course, one can buy Rudraksha from many websites available, but it’s important to ensure that this special kind of bead is having the desired effect on your well-being. This is because the quality won’t necessarily be reflected in the price. Knowledgeable Rudraksha experts have been selling carefully chosen collections of original Rudraksha for many years and can suggest a combination of shapes, sizes, and grains that would most enhance one’s general spiritual health or situation. It takes a lot of work to find these rarer beads that are handpicked by an expert on this subject, so as a result, you’re more likely to start noticing positive results.

3. The Rudraksha Must Be Energized First

Energizing or activating the Rudraksha plays a vital role in making the product worthy of giving you benefits. The activation process can be done either by you or by an experienced priest. But, when you’re buying the product online, you have to make sure that the seller is providing Rudraksha beads that have already been energized or activated. However, the activation of Rudraksha is still a debatable topic, but you have to be careful on your side.

What to Do After Buying a Rudraksha?

If you’ve bought a Rudraksha mala or bead from an online seller, you first have to check that it is not broken from any end. If it seems to be broken, contact the seller and ask for a return or exchange immediately. After that, you can try the water sink test, as you just have to check if the bead is sinking in the water. If it does, it means the bead is original, otherwise fake. But, the fake sellers are aware of this and have been selling fake Rudraksha beads made of wood but mixed with lead so that it sinks in water.

To get full satisfaction, you can put the beads in normal water and check the temperature at that time. After a while, check the temperature again, and if you witness a one or two centigrade rise in the temperature, the beads are authentic. You can also put the Rudraksha in fresh raw milk and leave it for two days. If the beads are real, the milk will not get spoiled.

Importance of Wearing An Authentic Rudraksha Mala

Mata Vriksha – used in making many ornaments and prayer beads

Vana Vriksha – used as a medicine

Wearing a Rudraksha mala comes with mystical healing powers that can get rid of various physical as well as emotional disorders. It is also believed that the ones who are wearing Rudraksha stay away from financial issues and negative energies that can affect their well-being. Even if you chant only one mantra, you can see a plethora of benefits coming your way and affecting your way of living physically and mentally.

Rudraksha beads can help you consume safe and healthy food. All you need to do is, pour water over the bead, and if it moves in a clockwise direction, the water is safe to consume. If it moves in the anti-clockwise direction, the water is not safe to consume. You can perform the same activity if you need to check the purity of any food item.

If any skin problem has been troubling you, wearing an authentic Rudraksha mala can bring you relief from it. So, if you’re going through any skin-related problem like itching, irritations, or wounds, you should buy a Rudraksha mala online.

Wrapping up

Wearing Rudraksha beads or malas can be very beneficial for you, but you’ll only get the benefits if the beads are authentic. “Shiv Kripa Rudraksha Kendra” offers only authentic Government Certified Rudrakshas. So, whether you need a mala, a bunch of beads, gemstones, or a bracelet, we have it all. Established in 1992, we have earned a reputation for being one of India’s renowned Rudraksha dealers. The best quality of hand-selected Rudraksha Beads can give you all benefits that you’ve been expecting and work for your overall well-being. So, if you’re interested in buying well-certified and authentic Rudraksha laced products, feel free to connect with us.

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