Dhyan Yog Kavach

Dhyan Yog KavachThis combination of 1 mukhi rudrakshaGauri Shankar, 9 mukhi rudrakshaand 11 mukhi rudraksha is very effective for Dhyan Yog(meditation), samadhi and opening up of the chakras. Another variation for Dhyan Yog is a Gaurishankar and 1 mukhi rudraksha strung in a 5 mukhi rudraksha small bead mala.


Combination – 3 beads (1 mukhi + 5 mukhi silvercap mala + 1 Gaurishankar)

Quality – 100% authentic

Authenticity – Authenticity Certificate Provided

This power combination is for spiritual seeker, the combination of these powerful rudraksha beads improves Concentration, Harmonization of soul body & cosmos, wearer becomes lucky and is able to control all his physical senses which make him extremely courageous and fearless also destroys sins and past karma by Antahkarna Shuddhi.