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5 Things to know about Rudraksha Beads

5 Things to know about Rudraksha Bead

The power of Rudraksha Beads brings wellness and success in your Life. The foundation of the integral relationship of the sacred Rudraksha Beads for the well-being of mankind is as old as human civilization. The Vedic texts of India state that the holy Rudraksha Beads embraces the secret of entire cosmic evolution. The study of Indian Mythology is as old as the entire universe astoundingly reveals that various species of Rudraksha Beads which existed on earth long ago are still growing without any fast extinction of its species during the long course of the history of evolution.

Rudraksha Beads

The significance of wearing the Rudraksha Beads is symbolism that one has chosen to become a conscious human being. Rudraksha is a mystic bead and has been worn by admirers and sages since time immemorial, in the form of blessing from Lord Shiva himself to gain good health, self-empowerment, and Self-realization.  Lord Shiva is the Supreme God who creates, protects, and transforms the universe is said to reside at Mount Kailash in the Himalayas. Mount Kailash is the heart of Lord Shiva. The mystical and dimensional Himalayas have been a source of spirituality, positivity, and unique natural resources since days beyond recall.

Probably, no other place in the world which has seen as many mystics as the Himalayas witnessed. Absolutely no other place on this planet is as magical as Himalayas. Certain people have left positive energies in certain situations around them that are always there in the Himalayas. The whole area of the Himalayas vibrates so much with tranquility and positivity. All the life works and traditions of yogis and sages are simply left there in a different form. One can always access it. In that sense, Himalayas are too rich. The sacred, divine, and magical Rudraksha Bead also has its origin in the Himalayas.

The holy river, Ganges has its origin in the Himalayas. Moreover, Lord Hanuman brought the lifesaving Sanjeevani Buti (Plant) to save Laxman’s Life around 5000 years ago from the Himalayas. Truly, Himalayas are the source of ancient wisdom for success and well-being.

It is said that Rudraksha Bead has been originated from the tears of Lord Shiva. For your information, Lord Rudra is one of the direct manifestations of the Supreme Lord -The Lord Shiva in the form of OM (ॐ).

Lord Rudra

It is said that Lord Shiva expressed as Lord Rudra in Super Human form. The word “Rudra” comprises two phonetic sounds “RU” and “DRU”. As per the ancient texts, the meaning of “RU” is “Crying”. However, Lord Rudra is a divine personality endowed with supernatural powers. Then, why should he cry? He would only roar to establish HIS supremacy. “DRU” means “Rhythmical Movement” i.e. the “dance”. Therefore “RUDRA”, when it signifies an individual person would mean “A dancing and roaring person”.

5 Things to know about Rudraksha BeadsThus, when we combine the two sounds “RU+DRU” the originating sound should have been “RUDRA”, but it is being pronounced as “RUDRA”. Now the word “AKSHA” is to be pronounced as “AKSHA” as well as “AAKSHA”. AKSHA means “eyes” and “AAKSHA” means “Tears”. Thus “Rudraksha” means that which is produced out of the tears of Rudra”. (A dancing and roaring person).

Power of the Hand-selected Rudraksha Beads

  1. A divine Rudraksha Beads produces current and has a magnetic effect: To experience the power of Rudraksha Bead, you can place the Rudraksha Bead just above the center of your two eyebrows. You can feel that some sort of current penetrating through your forehead. And you become so calm after that. Researchers confirmed that Rudraksha has a Divine power and it possesses powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic, and inductive properties that have several health benefits.
  2. Rudraksha Beads is a good body scanner: If there is any medical issue in your body, just place the Rudraksha Bead at the affected portion, you will feel a kind of vibrative effect. Your body will start pulsating at the place where there is a medical problem. This vibration is entirely different from the vibration you feel when the Bead is kept at the center of your forehead.
  3. Rudraksha Beads cures illness: A powerful Rudraksha Bead is capable of curing acute pain in any part of the body. It can also cure severe diseases such as cancer, diabetes, tumor, etc. Rudraksha Bead is beneficial in controlling blood pressure. These beads may be made into Rosary/Mala. The Rosary/Mala is to be worn on the neck touching up to the center of the Chest. More Beads better results.

To cure Leukemia and Stomach Cancer, take a copper vessel and fill the vessel with water. Put few Rudraksha Beads, say Eleven Beads, into the copper vessel. Take out the Beads after 8 hours and allow the patient to drink the water as per the requirement.  Again fill the vessel with water and put the Beads into the vessel. Whenever the patient feels thirsty he/she should drink water available in the vessel.

Likewise, Rudraksha Bead has various other health benefits.

  1. You can guard your home with the power of Rudraksha: When the Rudraksha Bead has put in the worship place of home, it removes the fear of ghosts and enemies and guards the house like a divine shield from all the negative energies.  It ends calamities, enhances prosperity, and brings harmony to homes.
  2. Rudraksha brings positivity in your life: The electromagnetic energy of Rudraksha Beads works on releasing the negative energy stored in the form of stress in the blocked Chakras of the body, by activating them and turning them to their natural state. Chakras become imbalanced when our thoughts fall towards fear and negativity during the time adverse situations in our life. Moreover, blocked Chakras attract emotional disorders and physical ailments.When blocked Chakras are balanced and activated, you can transform your life of suffering, obstacles, and confusions in every sphere of life such as love, career, education, success, business, and happiness. Rudraksha Beads range from Ek Mukhi to 21 Mukhi and each bead has a different property that works on balancing the energies of 7 Chakras of a human body by resonance.  Where specific “Mukhi” of Rudraksha is paired with other different “Mukhi” is a patented therapy to gain success, good health, and luck in the wearer’s life.“Rudraksha is an ancient bead known for its divinity, positive results on human mind and for good health. The Rudraksha is greatly respected and revered as Lord Shiva’s tears the wearing of which will end sorrows and heal ailments.”

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